Apollo Aspire XP Winter rated ‘Eco-Meister’ by Auto Bild

In its annual winter tyre test, the renowned German magazine Auto Bild recently chose the Aspire XP Winter as one of only two tyres to receive its Eco-Meister mark. The Aspire XP Winter received special praise for its value for money it offers drivers.

Auto Bild’s 2019 winter tyre test looked at 53 models in the size 225/45 R17. The experts tested the tyres’ braking distance on snow and wet surfaces to reduce them down to a shortlist of 20, which were then subjected to 16 trials in the four categories ‘snow’, ‘wet’, ‘dry’ and ‘price’. The results were published in late September.

The Aspire XP Winter was one of the six tyres to be given the ‘exemplary’ mark in the test, with the Auto Bild specialists especially praising its performance in terms of wet and dry handling and short snow braking paths. The model came fourth overall, and was one of just two to receive the highest or second-highest mark in every single trial. Moreover, the Aspire XP Winter was one of only two tyres to be granted the magazine’s Eco-Meister seal of approval.

The Aspire XP Winter was one of the six tyres to be given the ‘exemplary’ mark in the test

The Aspire XP Winter

The Apollo Aspire XP Winter is a perfectly balanced winter tyre. Lateral sipes in the shoulder area provide superb traction on snow and excellent water evacuation in curves, while multi-directional sipes and grooves in the centre result in outstanding snow handling and wet performance. Wear-resistant polymers in the tread compound, designed especially for low temperatures, ensure a long lifespan.



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