Apollo Tyres Terra Pro industrial tyre range expanded with five new size options

Apollo Tyres has added five new size options to its premium Apollo Terra Pro range, making it an ideal choice for an even wider range of construction equipment, such as telescopic handlers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders. Renowned for its robustness and stability, the Terra Pro series will now be offered in the following new sizes: 340/80R20 Terra Pro 1044; 365/80R20 Terra Pro 1045; 405/70R24 Terra Pro 1045; 500/70R24 Terra Pro 1044; and 500/70R24 Terra Pro 1045.

All Terra Pro tyres feature a steel belt and a tie bar, making the tyres stable during loading and lifting. A sidewall protector and special cut and crack resistant compound guarantee robustness while working in mud or on debris.

Terra Pro 1044 for soft surfaces

The typical industrial traction pattern of the Terra Pro 1044 ensures traction on soft underfoot conditions like mud. The wide and V-shape ending of the lug in the centre part of the tread further improves stability whilst supporting a uniform wear pattern.

Terra Pro 1045 for hard surfaces

The Terra Pro 1045 features a symmetrical tread consisting of alternating hexagons. This design optimises stability in all directions, even on slopes. The hexagons are designed for even patterns of wear and high levels of durability, especially while turning and manoeuvring with heavy loads. The symmetrical design delivers balanced traction while driving forward and backwards.

Size overview:

Apollo Terra Pro 1044                                      Apollo Terra Pro 1045

– 340/80 R 18 IND 141D TL                                – 365/70 R18 135B TL

– 340/80 R 20 IND 143D TL (new)                   – 405/70 R18 141B TL

– 400/70 R 20 IND 148D TL                              – 365/80 R 20 141B TL (new)

– 460/70 R 24 IND 158D TL                              – 405/70 R 20 143B TL

– 500/70 R 24 IND 162D TL (new)                   – 405/70 R 24 146B TL (new)

– 460/70 R 24 IND 158D TL

– 500/70 R 24 IND 162D TL (new)

– 540/70 R24 IND 167D TL

– 440/80 R28 IND 156A8/B TL




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