Olympic presence at Vredestein stand during Eurobike

06-07-2018 Vredestein, Bicycles

Vredestein is taking three exceptional bicycle tyre models to this year’s Eurobike: the Fortezza Tubeless Ready, the Fortezza Flower Power and the Fortezza Duralite. The latter is a durable yet lightweight tyre which will be fitted on new bicycles designed especially for the Dutch Olympic cycling team.

Designed by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union and the Dutch Olympic cycling squad in partnership with manufacturer KOGA, the new bikes are set to be the Dutch track cyclists’ secret weapon during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. As the preferred tyre partner, Vredestein is presenting the unique road bike at this year’s Eurobike fitted with Fortezza Duralite tyres.

This lightweight, puncture resistant, high performance tyre is the perfect fit for the specific needs of each athlete. The Fortezza Duralite enhances the performance of this bicycle as it is 8% lighter than standard road tyres and includes improved aerodynamics, faster steering, more grip and less rolling resistance, while minimising the susceptibility of lightweight tyres to punctures thanks to its Sportex Protection Layer.

The unstoppable Fortezza Tubeless Ready

The Vredestein Fortezza Tubeless Ready on show at this year’s Eurobike incorporates all demanding cyclists’ needs. It offers a staggering 22% less rolling resistance, is 16% lighter and provides 13% more grip. The Fortezza Tubeless Ready must be ridden with tyre Sealant, a liquid latex which allows the tyre to seal itself when punctured. The absence of an inner tube allows the tyre to be ridden at lower pressure, improving comfort and grip and considerably reducing rolling resistance.

Fortezza Flower Power: a sustainable revolution

Also joining the Vredestein stand this year is the Fortezza Flower Power, the first bicycle tyre (prototype) made from rubber extracted from the roots of the Russian dandelion flower. Vredestein is participating in the DRIVE4EU project, which aims to develop the production chains for natural rubber and inulin from the roots of Russian dandelion.



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