Trendsport Künstl from Austria to distribute Vredestein bicycle tyres

Apollo Vredestein has appointed Trendsport Künstl from the Austrian town of Lochau as a new distributor of Vredestein bicycle tyres. Trendsport is now selling all Vredestein bicycle tyre segments – TTC, road, mountain bike, e-bike and gravel.

Established in 1988 by Peter Künstl, Trendsport has made a name for itself as a provider of high-quality bicycle parts and ski equipment in Austria and the surrounding countries. The company focuses its sales efforts in Austria with the strong support of three sales reps.

Thomas Mittendorff, General Manager of Apollo Vredestein’s bicycle tyre division, is looking forward to a successful and prosperous cooperation. “Trendsport is a well-established name in the Austrian bicycle and ski scene. When our DACH-manager Alexander Mai proposed a cooperation with Trendsport, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. The company has an impressive portfolio of brands and combines lifestyle with sports. Add in the deep market penetration and this makes Trendsport an excellent partner for us.”



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