Vredestein introduces new tyre for compact tractors

05-11-2018 Vredestein, Agricultural

Apollo Vredestein has added a new tyre to its renowned Vredestein Traxion range. The Traxion 65/70 makes the most of proven Traxion technology to meet the specific requirements of the compact tractors – both standard and articulated – which are frequently used in vineyards, orchards and for municipal services. Particularly interesting for Mediterranean countries, the compact Traxion 65/70 will set new standards in traction, stability and wear resistance.

Vredestein Traxion tyres are renowned for their outstanding self-cleaning capacity, low rolling noise, lower fuel consumption and 30% longer service life than competitors.

“It starts with the unique curvature of the tread cleats,” says Ruud Nijland, Divisional Head Sales for agricultural and industrial tyres Europe at Apollo Vredestein. “They are positioned transversely to the direction of travel in the shoulder – ensuring maximum traction and reduced fuel consumption in the field – and oriented almost in the direction of travel in the middle of the tyre, reducing rolling resistance, noise and vibrations. The space between the cleats increases from the centerline to the shoulder, which means they are not parallel to each other.”

The tyre offers optimum traction, even on heavy soils, and the tractor leaves less dirt on the road when departing

Another major advantage of Vredestein Traxion tyres is their excellent self-cleaning ability. “The space between the cleats expands outwards towards the shoulder, thereby not allowing the soil to get stuck in-between, and is instead, released. The tyre offers optimum traction, even on heavy soils, and the tractor leaves less dirt on the road when departing.”

There is also more rubber in the middle of the tyre for reduced friction on the road surface and increased wear resistance. The special compound offers unmatched wear resistance and extra resistance to damage and punctures. The robust lug nose design provides added stability and grip for retaining the turning radius on headlands. And the D-speed rating (up to 65 km/h) allows up to 10% higher load capacity or 10% lower inflation pressure.



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