Vredestein introduces world’s tallest radial Flotation tyre

30-10-2019 Vredestein, Agricultural

Agricultural tyre manufacturer Vredestein is introducing new sizes in the radial Flotation Trac series at Agritechnica. The Flotation Trac will be available in the following new sizes: 900/65R32 and 900/65R38. In addition to setting new standards in terms of rolling ability and soil preservation, the 900/65R38 tyre has a world-beating diameter of 2.15 metres.

Alternative to 1050 tyre

With this tyre for self-propelled and, in particular, trailed slurry tankers, Vredestein is offering a very interesting alternative to the well-known 1050 tyres. The Flotation Trac XL is narrower, which leads to fewer restrictions in the total vehicle width. Because a lower tyre pressure can be used, there is less soil compaction and rutting compared to a 1050/50R32. The tyre has a height diameter of 2.15 metres, giving a 22% better rolling ability and the ability to keep rolling in the most difficult conditions. This is favourable for both traction power and fuel consumption.

The Flotation Trac profile consists of transverse lugs towards the shoulder of the tread that enhance traction and rolling ability. The block profile in the middle ensures a low rolling resistance on the road and a quiet ride. Due to the rounded shoulders and the lack of sharp edges and corners in the tread, the tyre will stay friendly to grasslands.

32” option

In cases where a 2.15-metre-tall Flotation tyre is still a bridge too far, Vredestein is also introducing the 900/65R32. This tyre offers an almost equally low tyre pressure, but with a tyre height of 2.0 metres. Both sizes will be unveiled at Agritechnica 2019, which takes place from 10 to 16 November in Hanover.



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