Vredestein Quatrac 5 all-season tyre wins across the board in major tyre test

18-04-2019 Vredestein

The leading German magazine Auto Bild Allrad has published its annual test of all-season tyres. After comparing seven models in the size 235/55 R19, Vredestein’s Quatrac 5 was judged to be the winner with a ‘vorbildlich’ (‘exemplary’) mark. It was also the only tyre in the test that was found to have no direct weaknesses.

Drivers who wish to avoid the hassle of taking their cars to the garage every spring and autumn can opt for all-season tyres instead of specific winter and summer models. However, as the Auto Bild Allrad article underlines, they still must decide their priorities: a winter performance similar to that of proper winter tyres or road grip in summer comparable to that of dedicated summer tyres.

The Quatrac 5 has the best balance between summer and winter performance

The authors submitted the seven tyre models to four tests each in three different categories: snow (traction, braking, handling and slalom), wet roads (aquaplaning, handling, bends and braking) and dry roads (handling, braking, noise and rolling resistance). The results in each test were assigned a weight, and the final assessment was based on the score in each.

Auto Bild described the Quatrac 5 as an “excellent all-season tyre with the best driving performance in all weather conditions, good balance and precise handling, short wet and snow braking distances, and good value for money.” Auto Bild also stated that the Quatrac 5 has the best balance between summer and winter performance, pointing out that “it demonstrates no real weaknesses in any season”.

Quatrac 5 follow-up

Vredestein has recently launched a follow-up to the Quatrac 5: the brand-new Quatrac Pro. This latest-generation all-season model will provide more than 10% better wet grip* and 5% better snow handling* than the Quatrac 5. The Quatrac Pro is designed especially for the ultra-high-performance (UHP) segment, while the Quatrac 5 will continue to serve as the ideal all-season tyre in the smaller size range – as demonstrated by the Auto Bild Allrad test. The Quatrac Pro is available for purchase from select retailers now.

*Data based on internal testing compared to predecessor Quatrac 5 in development size 245/45 R18 100Y XL



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