“Exemplary” new Vredestein Ultrac Pro secures podium position in Auto Bild test of high-performance tyres

Leading German automotive magazine Auto Bild Sportscars has awarded the all-new Vredestein Ultrac Pro third place in its annual group test of high-performance summer tyres. The publication singled out the product as “exemplary,” and highlighted its impressive grip and traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Auto Bild Sportscars assessed seven different high-performance summer tyres in 265/35 R 19 and 295/30 R 20 specification, fitting them to a Mercedes AMG GT. Each product was tested for its performance, safety and comfort qualities in the wet and dry.

Commenting on its performance, Auto Bild testers praised the Ultrac Pro for offering the “highest level of safety and driving pleasure,” saying it is a “balanced, comfort-oriented all-rounder” in the high-performance tyre category. They added that the Vredestein tyre “deservedly receives our ‘exemplary’ seal of quality.”

The Ultrac Pro, which is being launched across Europe this spring, dominated the aquaplaning assessment, securing first place in a test that simulates high-speed driving in heavy rain and on saturated highway conditions. Testers praised in particular the Ultrac Pro’s “balanced driving behaviour.” The Vredestein tyre also impressed in braking and handling tests, demonstrating high levels of lateral support at speed.

In dry conditions, testers lauded the Ultrac Pro’s impressive braking and handling qualities, affirming its reliability and responsiveness. Additionally, the Vredestein tyre stood out for its exceptional low road noise, emitting just 70.5 Db during testing – significantly quieter than its closest competitor. Meanwhile, its comfort and all-round dynamic repertoire were also commended.

Benoit Rivallant, President of Apollo Tyres Europe, says: ” No other tyre in the ultra-ultra-high-performance category is so versatile – drivers get the best of both worlds: sportiness and comfort. The Ultrac Pro addresses these competing demands more effectively than any rival, making it a tyre without compromise.

“It is very encouraging to see the tyre achieve such a positive review in the Auto Bild Sportcars group test, taking on some of the biggest and most established names in the industry. Having made its European debut earlier this week, we are honoured that the Ultrac Pro has received first accolade, and we eagerly anticipate further positive reviews from testers and customers alike.”



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