New Golf Mark 8 to be fitted with Vredestein tyres as OE

The large number of Vredestein tyres fitted as the preferred choice of the manufacturer continues to grow apace. Volkswagen has just commissioned Vredestein to supply three leading examples of the tyre company’s range to the exciting new VW Golf Mark 8. Recently, Volkswagen has also chosen to fit its Volkswagen T-Cross with the Vredestein Wintrac Pro as preferred winter tyre.

The three tyres chosen as original equipment for the eighth generation of the iconic Volkswagen Golf are the Sportrac 5 summer tyre (in the size 195/65R15), the Wintrac Pro (195/65R15) and the Snowtrac 5 (205/55R16). This definitive recognition of quality in every driving season follows on from previous orders from Volkswagen and top car manufacturers such as Ford and Seat to fit Vredestein tyres on their leading models.



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