“Tyres you can rely on” – Vredestein Ultrac impresses in Auto Motor und Sport group test of leading SUV tyres

The Vredestein Ultrac has secured a podium place in the latest group tyre test conducted by leading German publication Auto Motor und Sport, focused on summer tyres ideally suited for fitment to SUVs. The Ultrac outperformed a host of major rival brands and was rated “very good” by the panel of testers, impressing with its “easy control” on wet surfaces and “good natured handling characteristics” in the dry.

The tyre performed well across a range of challenging tests, earning it the distinction of being categorised as a “tyre you can rely on.”

Auto Motor und Sport assessed eight products from the most popular tyre brands in Germany. Sized at 235/55 R and mounted on 18-inch alloy rims, all tyres were fitted to a SEAT Tarraco SUV. The testers stated that the products perform at a similar level when fitted to some of the most popular SUVs on the market today, including models from Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes, Toyota and Volkswagen.

In the wet the Ultrac placed second for braking performance, stopping from 80 km/h in just 28.7 meters, and securing second place for wet handling and aquaplaning performance. The Vredestein tyre also delivered in the dry, finishing a close second for braking and narrowly missing out on first place for rolling noise, emitting just 70.1 Db during testing.

To ensure the reliability of the results, all tests were carried out up to 20 times on the same section of track in both wet and dry conditions.

Yves Pouliquen, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Apollo Tyres, commented: “SUVs outsell all other categories in Europe, so it is very gratifying to see the Ultrac perform so well in this latest Auto Motor und Sport test. With increasingly unpredictable seasons, it is important to offer a summer tyre that can deal with more challenging conditions to ensure safe, comfortable and enjoyable driving. We have ensured the Ultrac benefits from our leadership in all-season tyres, featuring next-generation tread compound technology and an all-weather-ready tread design.”

The Ultrac delivers best-in-class performance in both wet and dry conditions, making it an ideal ‘summer’ tyre option. Developed by the Apollo Tyres global R&D centre in Enschede in the Netherlands, the Ultrac range delivers high levels of comfort, as well as impressive handling and cornering even at high speeds. This is facilitated by an enhanced tyre cavity with a squarer footprint, stiffer tread pattern and centre rib with parabolic lateral grooves. The tyre also enhances steering response and precision for a safe and dynamic driving experience and offers impressive rolling resistance and fuel efficiency.

Further success for Ultrac in GTÜ tests

The Ultrac found further success in a new annual summer tyre test carried out by German vehicle inspection organisation GTÜ, securing second place overall. Outperforming well-known rivals, the Vredestein tyre was labelled “highly recommendable” by the testers.

The test evaluated 10 leading summer tyres, all in the popular 225/45 R 17 size dimension, and fitted them to two vehicles: an Opel Astra Sports Tourer and a Volkswagen Golf. Tested at the TRIWO Automotive Test Center in Frankfurt, each product was put through a rigorous testing process to evaluate performance in the wet and dry, with a key focus on braking, handling and aquaplaning.

The Ultrac excelled in particular in the wet tests, securing first place for its aquaplaning performance and placing second for braking and handling. It impressed testers with its reliability and effectiveness in adverse weather conditions, reaffirming its status as a top choice for discerning drivers.



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