Unique ‘watch-face’ look for all-new Vredestein Ultrac Pro marks 25 years of collaboration with Italdesign

The new Vredestein Ultrac Pro ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) tyre is being launched today with a unique asymmetrical sidewall design specially created by renowned Italian design, engineering and prototyping company, Italdesign. The unique look is inspired by the visual signature of chronometers and other quality timepieces, with the overall theme of passing time referencing the tyre’s performance focus.

The debut of the new Ultrac Pro marks the 25th anniversary of Apollo Tyres’ close creative partnership with Italdesign; the companies first worked together to co-develop the Vredestein Sportrac, which debuted in 1999.

The new tyre’s visual character is evocative of a watch-face, with a sequence of lines around the circumference that appear to echo second and minute markers. On one portion of the sidewall, that theme is given a modern twist through a bold sequence of numbers suggestive of a stopwatch or digital timepiece. By giving the tyre a horological aesthetic, Italdesign is also highlighting the tyre’s precision and attention to detail.

The Ultrac Pro is available in sizes up to 24 inches, suitable for a very wide range of supercars, sports cars and performance-flagship saloons and SUVs.

To create the tyre, the Apollo Tyres product marketing and R&D teams first defined the Vredestein tyre’s differentiating technical characteristics, and then worked with Italdesign on a concept that would appeal to a performance-minded target audience. The two companies engaged in a dynamic creative exchange that allowed them to combine their collective design expertise, resulting in a product that can contribute in a meaningful way to the overall vehicle design.

Styled by Giorgetto Giugaro, one of the world’s most prolific automobile designers, the Vredestein Sportrac of 1999 pioneered an asymmetric look that enhanced its sporty visual character. Since then, the two companies have collaborated on multiple projects, combining creative expertise with technical innovation to produce visually appealing, high-performance tyres.

Benoit Rivallant, President of Apollo Tyres Europe, says: “We’re proud to have maintained such a long relationship with Italdesign; an organisation which has influenced automotive design trends since 1968. The company shares many of our core values and there are strong synergies in how we approach a new creative challenge. They have been pivotal in shaping the Vredestein brand into what it is today, helping our tyres stand out in a highly competitive market, and it is very satisfying to once again bring to market something that is genuinely unique.”

Joaquin Garcia, Head of Design at Italdesign, adds: “Much like when we design a car, we see the sidewall of the tyre as a blank canvas to bring character to a high-performance product – and this is exactly what we did for the Ultrac Pro. We have enjoyed the past 25 years with the Vredestein brand; the insights gained from each tyre have served as the foundation for the development of the next product.”

The Ultrac Pro is available in a wide range of sizes suitable for 18- to 24-inch rims and can be purchased during spring 2024.



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