Vredestein launches new Comtrac 2 Winter+ and All Season+ models

Vredestein has introduced upgraded versions of its popular Comtrac 2 Winter and Comtrac 2 All Season tyres. Making the most of their predecessors’ achievements in terms of performance, the new models feature an improved tread compound that is even more resistant to wear. The Comtrac 2 All Season+ and Comtrac 2 Winter+ also draw on Vredestein’s full scope of know-how and expertise to deliver world-class design and function.

When they were originally launched in 2016, the Comtrac 2 Winter and Comtrac 2 All Season received universal acclaim for their performance on wet surfaces and snow. The successor models build on this accomplishment. A relatively high density of metallic cord in the steel belts make the tread even stiffer, providing superior stability with heavy loads and excellent control when cornering.

The new Comtrac+ versions retain their predecessors’ excellent performance in terms of traction, stability and handling. In addition, they incorporate a special grade of reinforcing filler that gives them longer tread life of over 20% on average. The resulting lower operating costs and savings will be a major asset for all users, especially small businesses and fleet & lease customers.

The Comtrac 2 All Season+ includes a tailor-made compound that allows it to continue providing superior performance on both wet surfaces and snow. The Comtrac 2 Winter+ also comprises an optimised compound that contains silica to provide higher tread flexibility at low temperatures and which aligns its stiffness with the pattern to ensure improved performance in terms of handling and braking on snow.

The two models are now in stock: the Comtrac 2 All Season+ in 14 sizes and Comtrac 2 Winter+ in 13.



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