Vredestein Quatrac: new evolution in growing all-season segment

In a European all-season segment that grew by 23% percent last year, Vredestein continues to evolve its products and underline its all-season expertise. After being the first brand to launch an all-season tyre for high-end performance cars in 2019 with the Quatrac Pro, the brand is now renewing its portfolio in the segment for smaller inch sizes by launching the new Vredestein Quatrac.

As one of the first companies to introduce all-season tyres, Vredestein now benefits from over 28 years of experience in producing all-season tyres. Today the brand has the largest all-season portfolio in the European market and was named ‘All-Season Manufacturer of the Year’ by Autobild in October 2019. To retain its leading position and perform at the top in the European tyre tests, Vredestein has further evolved its products within the market for smaller inch sizes, which have nowadays become a commodity.

Next level performance with smart solutions

With the new Quatrac (15-16 inch), Vredestein offers a well-balanced tyre for all seasons. It also ensures a lower environmental impact by providing fuel savings thanks to the tyre’s lighter weight and lower rolling resistance. The Quatrac combines excellent winter and summer characteristics in keeping with Vredestein’s established know-how, along with the use of all-new materials and a few clever tweaks to boosts performance to a new level.

Both shoulders of the tyre are now suited for summer use, while the centre of the tyre is more winter-focused, with a higher sipe density for better traction. The number of shoulder blocks is scaled to tyre diameter to ensure a superior performance in winter. The tyre also sports a deep-V-shaped profile, perfected by fine-tuning angles and air ratio.

Different R&D approach

Vredestein’s all-season R&D team optimised the tyre in various areas, taking a different approach to suit the segment for lower inch sizes. For instance, with the development of the Quatrac Pro the team started with the tyre’s summer properties and added winter features, driven by specific requirements for ultra-high performance cars. Now, with the Quatrac being a tyre specifically designed for smaller inch sizes, development focus was on the most effective design for this segment resulting in the deep-V-shape and reduced number of sipes

Improvements compared to predecessor

The new Quatrac performs 12% better than its predecessor, the Quatrac 5, in terms of dry handling thanks to the higher net contact area and stiffer shoulder blocks. Its silica-based compound and V-shaped pattern ensure 20% better wet handling and 10% better wet braking performance. And it ensures 5% better handling on snow by deploying 10% more snow-cutting edges optimised for all steering angles.

The new-generation tread compound is enhanced with a high quantity of terpene-based resins. The reduced air ratio and the optimised tyre cavity leads to a more uniform pressure distribution, ensuring more even tyre wear and results in an improvement in lifespan of more than 20%. Finally, the new Quatrac has up to 10% better rolling resistance, providing substantial fuel savings.

The Vredestein Quatrac was specifically designed for European roads and comes with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, certifying its suitability for use throughout the winter and across Europe.

The new Quatrac comes in 15” and 16” inches with 39 sizes in first phase during September and October, a further extension will then follow in the beginning of 2021. Deliveries will start September 7th.



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