Vredestein Ultrac Pro outperforms rivals in Applus+ IDIADA performance- and comfort-focused tests

Apollo Tyres has today published the results of a comprehensive new tyre assessment carried out by independent Spanish testing and engineering company Applus+ IDIADA, aimed at evaluating and benchmarking the attributes of the new Vredestein Ultrac Pro in comparison with six leading rival products in the ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) category.

Tested against three UUHP tyres that are strongest in terms of performance capabilities, and a further three that lead with regard to comfort, the Ultrac Pro outperformed all but one of the performance-focused UUHP tyres in the Applus+ IDIADA ‘Limit Handling’ assessment (a difference of less than 1km/h in entry and exit speed compared to the first-placed tyre), while also beating the more comfort-centric UUHP tyres in the overall ‘Ride Comfort’ tests. The test programme provides independent validation of Apollo Tyres’ claim that the new Vredestein tyre delivers a unique balance of advanced handling capabilities and superior driving comfort.

The BMW 5 Series used for the tests was fitted with a comprehensive array of advanced recording instruments, including steering wheel sensors, inertial units, seat-rail accelerometers, wheel carrier accelerometers and suspension-top accelerometers. All tyres were put through the same vigorous testing to ensure a fair comparison.

The performance-focused segment of the test regime involved a rigorous Obstacle Avoidance Lane Change which measured entry speed, average speed and exit speed for each set of tyres. The objective was to assess on-limit handling characteristics during simulated obstacle avoidance manoeuvres, which involved progressively increasing speeds to ascertain the maximum at which the vehicle could successfully navigate the course.

The Vredestein tyre achieved the second-highest overall ranking for this test, trailing the top-performing tyre by just 0.8 km/h in entry speed, 0.4 km/h in exit speed, and 0.6 km/h in average speed. Notably, the Ultrac Pro achieved higher controlled speeds than some of the most popular high-performance summer tyres on sale in Europe.

Ultrac Pro top for comfort

During the comfort-focused tests, conducted on IDIADA’s purpose-built track, the Vredestein Ultrac Pro demonstrated outstanding performance when fitted to test vehicles driving across a range of harsh steps and corrugations that simulate broken and irregular road surfaces. Each test examined the vibrations transmitted through the vehicle in response to different deterministic inputs, which included u-shaped grooves and positive steps.

The test vehicle was driven in a straight line at a constant speed of 40 km/h across the various track surfaces and, through the driver’s seat rail sensor, recorded the excitations to measure the comfort qualities of each tyre.

The Ultrac Pro claimed top position for its performance over both smooth and rutted road surfaces, registering the least vibrations during vertical acceleration. Compared to the best-performing dedicated comfort tyres, it also excelled over more challenging u-shaped surfaces, recording the best results for both front and rear axle excitation. Overall, the Ultrac Pro outperformed the rival touring-centric tyres for comfort, and far exceeded the comfort levels of the high-performance tyres in the test.

To give the tyre a unique combination of superior handling and class-leading comfort, the Apollo Tyres global R&D team in the Netherlands have given the Ultrac Pro a highly innovative structure and an advanced new tread compound.

Benoit Rivallant, President and CEO of Apollo Tyres Europe said: “The Applus+ IDIADA test programme has provided important independent validation of the Ultrac Pro’s status as a performance tyre without compromise. Customers want a tyre that can do it all, supporting both daily and more dynamic driving across a range of conditions. The Ultrac Pro raises the bar for ultra-ultra-high-performance tyres, embodying our commitment to innovation.”



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