Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall Homologation on CLAAS XERION

01-09-2021 Agricultural, Vredestein

CLAAS – one of the leading global companies in agricultural harvesting machines and tractors has homologated Vredestein VF Traxion Optimall tyres, for their premium XERION tractor. It includes the largest VF tyre, size VF 900/60R42 PFO NRO 189D TL Traxion Optimall. This innovative VF Traxion Optimall tyre for the     top tractor segment is without equal in terms of traction, fuel efficiency and immense long tyre life which will substantially reduce the total cost of ownership.

XERION tractors are a unique product in the farm industry. It is a multifunctional  high horsepower system tractor produced in 3 types ranging from 443 to 530 HP.     It is produced in world’s largest harvester factory in Harsewinkel, Germany. Vredestein is original equipment supplier to 4 CLAAS factories: 2 in Germany (Harsewinkel and Bad Saulgau) and 2 in France (Le Mans and Metz-Woippy).

The supply of Vredestein tyres to CLAAS covers tyres for tractors, self-propelled harvesters, and harvesting equipment produced in these 4 factories.



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