Accolades for Vredestein in Auto Bild ‘Tyre Manufacturer of the Year’ awards

Apollo Tyres has secured podium places in the ‘All-season’ and ‘Winter’ categories of Auto Bild’s annual ‘Tyre Manufacturer of the Year’ awards. The leading German automotive magazine awarded Vredestein joint second in the winter tyres category and joint third place in the all-season category.

The accolades follow the expansion of Vredestein’s all-season and winter tyre ranges, which together now total 417 products. The Wintrac, Wintrac Pro and Quatrac Pro tyres performed exceptionally well in all of Auto Bild’s 2021 group tests, highlighting the ongoing development effort of Apollo Tyres and the performance of its Vredestein products in extreme conditions.

In allocating its ‘Tyre Manufacturer of the Year’ awards, Auto Bild took account of all its tyre group tests throughout 2021, where it judged each product across a range of scenarios in the wet, dry, ice and snow to identify the best tyres on the market. 50 candidates were involved, but only a handful were awarded Auto Bild’s ‘exemplary’ status.

The Wintrac Pro outperformed other tyres when fitted to a range of vehicles in harsh conditions, receiving a ‘good’ rating when used on all-wheel drive vehicles, such as SUVs, and an ‘exemplary’ rating when used on sports cars over ice, snow and wet surfaces. In addition to the Wintrac Pro’s success, the Quatrac Pro all-season tyre was recommended as a superior quality all-rounder, demonstrating impressing capabilities in the wet and dry.

Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Tyres, said: “Auto Bild conducts some of the most rigorous and demanding tests in the industry, so it is a cause of great pride for our whole team to be named as one of their top tyre manufacturers of the year.  We will continue this momentum into 2022, manufacturing and developing new and existing products that deliver class-leading performance and efficiency for our European customers.”

In Auto Bild’s largest winter tyre review, the Wintrac achieved third place and a ‘very good’ overall rating; praised for its “convincing all-round talent with dynamic driving characteristics on wet and dry roads, precise steering response, and low rolling resistance.”

The Wintrac Pro also won recent acclaim, finishing third overall in the Auto Bild Sportscars test of winter tyres, receiving an ‘exemplary award’ for its “convincing all-round talent with very good winter and wet qualities, stable wet and dry handling, and low price level.”

Additionally, the Wintrac Pro finished fourth overall in the recent Auto Bild Allrad test of SUV winter tyres, winning praise for being a “winter specialist with good performance on wet and snowy roads,” and for its “short snow and wet braking distances, high aquaplaning safety, and [its low] price.”

In Auto Bild’s all-season test, Vredestein’s premium all-season offering, the Quatrac Pro, placed fourth.



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